Korea Grand Sale 2016

Korea Grand Sale 2016

Feel the sentiments, Lifestyle, and traditions of Korea while staying at Hanok,

Korean traditional house built with all nature-friendly materials.

For Korea Grand Sale 2016, Kozaza features selected Hanokstays both in Seoul and other provinces,

in cooperation with Korea Hanokstay Hosts and Visit Korea Committee.

Hanokstays in Seoul: Gain, Gaojae, Sophia, Moon house, Namhyundang, Sejong, Diguetjib

Benefit: 30% Discount for room when booking from the page below link (Excluding weekends and holidays, but 10% discount applies all Hanok Stay)

Link: https://goo.gl/DPBG7g

Coupon Code: koreagrand2016


Come and experience the depth of Korean history and culture in the accessible Hanoks in Seoul.