A place where the people and nature meet, Hanok

A place where the people and nature meet, Hanok

Hanok have been contained a beauty of nature of Korea for a long time; A change of seasons, beautiful mountains and rivers, cool breeze of wind on sea, a warm sunshine. Today we are going to learn the excellence of Hanok as traditional house and complexed place of people and nature.


  1. Hanok is for people.
    The energy circulation inside of house is even because Hanok is built considering a body size of people.

  2. Hanok is nature friendly.
    Sunrise is from east and goes down to west. Since there are big amount of sunshine in summer and during the day, wind goes to southeast, and opposite for winter and night. Which means there are always the ways for sunshine and winds. Hanok follows that ways and select the venue.

  3. Hanok is the place for communication.
    Hanok is all connected without any isolated space when you open the door. We make one space in the name of us, not me or you. On the way of nature, there is also relationship of people.

  4. Hanok is free for space application.
    Hanok can be stably stay with only pillars even though you open all the walls. Expand the walls to increase the warmth in winter and open the windows to have more cool wind in summer. Hanok is the best in space application.

  5. Hanok is science
    Hanok’s eaves blocks the direct rays of the sun and makes your eyes comfortable since it becomes an awning and makes shadows. Also in winter, it blocks snow or rain and helps the warm air not to leak out easily. Ondol, the traditional heating system of Hanok becomes popular in western countries recently due to its good energy efficiency.

Hanok is the space with wisdom of our ancestor. It is built and focused on people since it is a house where people live but also the harmonized space with nature. We should cherish more our traditional treasure.