About the Event

1. Welcome to KOZAZA’s ultimate event in November! Book a night at Korean traditional Hanok just for $10 and build unforgettable memories with us! Write a review and receive $10 of voucher that you can use for your next stay at KOZAZA.COM

How to Join?

1. Choose a Hanok you'd like to stay!
2. Check the available dates and proceed your reservation safely.
3. Make a full payment for the original price first, after your check-out, Kozaza will fully refund the difference of your payment.


1. Cancelling a week before your Check-In date, $10 will be charged as a service fee.
2. For additional person extra fee of $20 will be charged

Check the list below and choose your place!



  Situated in the heart of Seoul. A place to share various performances and arts!
  Available Dates : 27 Nov / 1,2 Dec
$268 $10 sold out


  Stay at the largest traditional house in Bukchon and get ready for your excursion!
  Available Dates : 1,2,7,8,9,10 Dec
$268 $10 sold out


  A peaceful cultural place with the largest yard in Bukchon Hanok village.
  Available Dates : 24,25,29,30 Nov / 13,18 Dec
$268 $10 sold out

  Kimchi house

  A traditional lodging with super special experience and memories of participating in several Korean cooking classes!
  Available Dates : 25,26,27 Nov / 01,02,03,04,08,09,10,11 Dec
$268 $10 sold out

  Han guesthouse

  A Korean traditional lodging conveniently located in Seochon Area. A perfect place to enrich your journey to Seoul!
  Available Dates : 14,15,16,17 Dec
$268 $10 sold out

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